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merry christmas and a happy new year!
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It's been 3 years
theoffice;; bj novak
I can't believe it's been three years. I miss you. And I'm sorry I didn't answer your phone call..

I'll regret that for the rest of my life.

Writer's Block: I'm the Boss
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What would you do with an army of minions who would do whatever you tell them?

First, it has to be an army of zombie minions. And we would take over the world.

Writer's Block: Family Is…
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What does family mean to you?


book list cause I'm geeky!
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Every summer I make a list, check it twice, and read everything on it over the course of my summer. Since I didn't get into any of the summer courses I figured I'd document the list here. Feel free to give me some suggestions/recommendations; Anna Karenina will take me a while to read, but the rest of them won't take me the whole three months.

1. Massive - Julia Bell
2. Just Listen - Sarah Dessen
3. Perfect - Natasha Friend

4. What Came Before He Shot Her - Elizabeth George
5. Deadly Night - Heather Graham
6. Not Without Laughter - Langston Hughes
7. Body of Lies - David Ignatius
8. Horror of the Haunted House - Peg Kehret
9. Just After Sunset (a collection of short stories) - Stephen King
10. 4th of July - James Patterson
11. Cross Country - James Patterson
12. London Bridges - James Patterson
13. Thriller (a collection of scary short stories) - edited by James Patterson
14. Hometown - Marsha Qualey
15. The Comedy of Errors - William Shakespeare
16. Cirque du Freak: Tunnels of Blood - Darren Shan
17. See Jane Die - Erica Spindler
18. Anna Karenina - Leo Tolstoy
19. Story of a Girl - Sara Zarr

it's hectic, baby, but we can get through this together
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Just a quick rundown: took my dad and mom to a comedy club Friday, caught up for an hour with my cousin before she took off to be with her baby daddy for the majority of Saturday, and cleaned, cleaned, cleaned, packed 50% of my apartment into cardboard boxes today. I have to be out of my apartment by the 31st of May, so it's kind of hectic right now.

It's almost time for finals. I only have one the actual week of finals, the rest are the last day of classes the week before. I have 4 papers due; tomorrow(today, technically), two on tuesday, and one next thursday. The one next Thursday is my short story so I'm more nervous about getting that finished 0_o

Anyways, I haven't gotten much sleep the past few days so I figured I should try and get a few hours tonight.


The One Where You Get Extra Points For Staying On Your Feet
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This is just my experience, and I’m just a Twins fan.

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where's the party?
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So I need 4 sections, all about 5 and a half pages long for this 25 page paper due next Thursday. They've had about 3 months to research, write, and send but it's Friday and only one responsible soul has sent me their section. How do you write an intro and conclusion with 1/4 of the paper? Especially when that 1/4 of the paper is NOT the beginning or end? In class Thursday I got the excuses of "I'm not finished" "I'm not finished because my partner hasn't contacted me" and "I'm finished I'll send it to you tonight" (which never happened).

I'm frustrated because I keep sending this girl emails asking her what days work for her to sign the sublease and she never gets back to me. Between sublease problems, 25 page paper problems, and a sink full of dishes I don't want to deal with I'm dead tired.

Did I mention I'm going to the game at Target Field for Gophers baseball tomorrow, and I have to be up at 6 am? The things I do for a new stadium..

I need a drink.

let's start a riot!
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Been neglecting LJ and Wordpress as of late. Been a nice break from trying to force something onto a Word Document, haven't really been inspired in a few weeks. My friend from RCTC, Allie, got me hooked on Vampire Diaries over break and now I can't get enough. Needless to say my inspiration is back (ugh, or I hope it sticks around)'

I'm still packing (to go back to campus) and I probably should find a time to SLEEP soon too..

i'm minnesotan. here me roar!
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Livejournal was down for a while a few days ago and once again reminded me why I need to move everything to WordPress. School is crazy and I don't need the extra hassle, so maybe during Summer session.

We had our big snow storm. *snort* Which really isn't that big to me, but most freshman were running around decked out in creepy black skiers masks and giant snow pants. Seriously now, you're not ten you don't need snow pants. I, however, for most of it was in a t-shirt, sweatshirt and jeans. Gimmie some gloves and I was fine.

I am, after all, 1000% Minnesotan.

My week went by surprisingly quick. I had the flu for two days, and have felt iffy for the other part. Went to a "party" (which I use loosely given there was only 5 of us there and we most definitely wouldn't have called it a party), saw some old friends from HS days, and was shocked at how much they haven't changed.

If you're on foursquare feel free to add me.


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